Typhoon Nock-10 Hits Puerto Galera

Christmas in the Philippines this year brought more than these villagers expected. For many living in the Puerto Galera area on the island of Mindoro, it brought blessing among the destruction. When we visited some of our bracelet makers in the areas surrounding Aninuan, we found that although several had damage to their homes, or lost their homes or stores altogether, they were still grateful for no lives lost during that fateful storm.

‍Home of one of our bracelet makers...or what used to be their home.
Sara prays to thank God for Malou's protection, and for His provision to replace what was lost. (Main photo above is Malou's store that was completely destroyed.)
Hiking down from the top of the mountain to visit one of the church member's family who had damage from the storm.
This tree fell onto Judith and Elwin's home.

They have already replaced the roof. Their family was in this kitchen when the storm hit. Something made them leave this room (where they usually stay during a storm) and go the other part of the house. Just then the tree hit, knocking their wooden cabinet with all their glass dishes onto the table where they had been sitting, breaking everything. They are SO greatful to the Lord that they were not in the room!

Threads of Hope buildings had some damage, as well, as shown here with our children's ministry leader's home, and in the main photo above showing roof damage to the ministry center. Three glass panels were also lost in the building above the water tower, and roof damage to our midwife's home on our property.

We have already begun receiving donations to help these families rebuild, and they are SO grateful! If you would like to donate, please go to the main menu on our website and click the Donate button. Indicate that your "payment", as it will be listed, is a donation for Typhoon Relief.

"Maraming salamat po!" (Thank you very much! in Tagalog)

Great is the Lord!

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