A Dream That is About to Come True...

What would you do if you had been praying about starting a clinic for years and out of the blue, a friend offers to donate everything you needed, including the staff?  Praise God! That's what we did!  Jojo, our children's ministry leader, brought this need to our attention years ago.  We have been praying that God would supply an answer to that need.  Within two weeks after another ministry offered to make the donation, we had everything we needed on site, including staff, to operate a birthing center.  Now we just need to construct the building. Not only will this benefit families in the future, but hiring local villagers to do the construction will also provide much-needed work for these families, as well.

We traveled to their clinic and picked up beds, tables, oxygen tank, a birthing table, chairs for the waiting room, boxes of vitamins, birthing supplies, a stainless sink with a foot pump, information on how to apply for permits, and Board of Health approved building specs. There was even a generator and an ambulance.

And there is more!  God even provided us with a midwife and an assistant who will be supported by the donating ministry.  With Phil-Health approval, we will be able to offer free births to women in need! 

And the story continues.  On the same day we were picking up this equipment for the birthing center, a woman who was a midwife in our village for MANY years went to be with the Lord at the age of 101.  God, it appears, had even provided us with the name of the birthing center.  We will name if after Lola (Grandmother) Florencia Magbuhos in honor of her years of service to the Aninuan community. 

Our new midwife's assistant, Meddie, is the sister of the original bracelet maker that the Kuhlows met on the beach in 1998, and the grand daughter of Lola Florencia.  Another grand daughter of Florencia is also going to college (through the donations from a sponsor) to become a midwife.  So the family tradition will continue, Lord willing, and the village will be blessed.

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