State Fair Bracelet Donations

Four years ago our nine year old granddaughter was talking to one of our bracelet customers. They were looking at the bracelets with the 5 colors on them. She asked them, “would you like to have this bracelet for free?” They asked her, “why is it free?” She replied, “because it comes with a special message”. They asked, “what is that message?” She continued by sharing the message of the Gospel through the colors of the bracelet, using the color definitions from the wordless book. How simple…

The next year we were praying about how to expand this free Gospel bracelet concept. God answered that prayer with a phone call from the state fair. They asked if we wanted to be a part of their bargain book. This book has coupons for discounts and free items at the fair. We put in a coupon for a free Gospel Bracelet. Hoping that this would be good advertising and bring some extra people into the booth we could share with.  We brought 1000 Gospel Bracelets with us. 4 days in, we had to send for more… That first year we gave away over 2500 Gospel Bracelets. And most of them heard the Gospel message. Last year, more than 2600. This promotion has offered people an easy way to bring friends and family to hear the message.

Many of you have indicated that you would like to help with this promotion. There are three ways to do so...

1. Pray

Pray that these bracelets would change hearts and spread the gospel.

2. Give (Specify State Fair Gospel as the Purpose)

Donate to support sharing the gospel with over 2500 people.

3. Connect

Bruce and Robyn Wiater will be at the Wisconsin State Fair August 3-13. You can contact Bruce at or 920-619-9989 

Thank you for being a part of this work!
-Bruce and Robyn Waiter

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