Building Bridges, Bringing Hope for Tomorrow

Last week, representatives from local industries and organizations attended the first Job Fair on our Aninuan Christian Training School campus. Ben Coltrane first lead a "round table" discussion with the reps in order to determine if ACTS is on target for training students to become the employee these companies are looking for.

Through an exercise, we determined that trustworthiness and character was the top quality employers seek. Additional qualities included dedication to the job, trainable/fast learner, skilled in the position available, able to work under minimal supervision, efficient and good time management, good communication skills, and able to problem solve, among others.

A representative from the Department of Labor gave a presentation to the students prompting them to begin thinking about the career they may pursue. The slide show also gave them insights as to the factors to consider when choosing a job, as well as the top ten paying jobs of the Philippines.

After the presentation, students were instructed to interview with the representatives, inquiring about the jobs available in their line of work as well as the requirements for someone applying to the position.

In one afternoon, these 7th and 8th graders were given a lot to think about. Because their families are able to send them to this school by paying their tuition with bracelets they make at home, (which Threads of Hope purchases), these students now have hope that being well-educated and prepared for a career is now within reach.

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