Bracelet Maker of the Month JAN/FEB 2017

Teresa comes from a large family (not all pictured here). At the time of our interview, there were 16 living in their rented home with two rooms.

Her family lost their land and livlihood when they found out Teresa's mother had breast cancer. They had to sell everything to start treatments in town. They moved to the Aninuan village and started renting their current home from a family member.  They remembered meeting the pastor and his wife from a visit they made to their former home. Al and Marina had been hiking up the mountain to meet new people and tell them about their new church. So Teresa's family started attending Aninuan Christian Church and were receiving financial help to make the regular trips into town for her mother's treatments.

Teresa almost gave up studying at one point because all of their money was going towards the treatments. But she had been learning about God at the church, trusted Him, and stayed committed to her studies.

Teresa and her parents, Eslao and Nida, are now believers in Jesus. Eslao used to be a traditional healer, (albularyo).  He had a hard time accepting what the Bible was saying. They also had a hard time giving up idols they were worshiping in their house.  They told us that one time they were crying because they had no money or food, and no one would help. They began praying.  Then all afternoon people who didn't have much of their own came to their home, bringing them food.  They knew it was an answer to their prayer. They learned you have to trust God.  "People you think will help you will leave you, but the Lord will be the only one to help in time of need.  He is the source of help."

Soon their family began getting orders for making bracelets, and their expenses were being covered. They told us they love how this way of providing for their family also brings them closer, since they often work on making bracelets together.

Teresa is such a sweetheart! She is so joyful and very responsible. Our children's ministry leader, Jojo, trusts Teresa to be in charge of the equipment at church when she is not there. She has even started to teach the kids on Sunday mornings.  Jojo says of Teresa, "You don’t have to tell her what to do, she just does it.  She doesn’t need to be asked, she just always jumps right in and serves, even when she was younger."

If you would like to pray for Teresa, she often has migraines, up to 4-5 per week. I never hear her complain! Please pray for the health and provision for this family.  Your support of Threads of Hope is helping Teresa, and families like hers. Thank you!

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