Blessing from Tragedy

This is how the body of Christ should work. When tragedy struck the Aninuan village and surrounding area, several believers came together to help those in need, each offering what the Lord had given them.

Local power was out due to the recent typhoon that tore through this area, and no one knew when it would be back on. (So far it has been off for over a week.) When we told John Driesbach about the immediate need for clean water, he jumped into action. Even though it was a holiday weekend, two men joined John on the trip down to Aninuan to bring water filtration systems.

These systems were designed by John. They are not only used to provide clean drinking water for thousands, but also help bring the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Included in the bucket is a Bible in their language and tracts sharing the gospel. John works through local missionaries and pastors in order to distribute the systems. Each family receiving one must come to the meeting to learn how to use it, maintain it, and also hear a message from a pastor that comes with John to help deliver them. The names are kept by the local pastor so that he can follow up with the families in the future.

In two days we distributed 60 water filtration systems. Below are photos from the first day.

John preparing the buckets for assembly.
Rading explaining the use and maintenance of the filtration systems
Pastor Ramon sharing a gospel message
Jim helping assemble
Julie helping assemble
Bibles and tracts going into each one
Elwin and Puroy always jump in to help with whatever needs to be done.

Thank you, Lord, for creating this opportunity to partner with other believers to further help this community, and to spread the gospel in Your Name!

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