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Every Threads of Hope product sold helps raise funds for the families in the Philippines that make them.  Fundraisers allow you to use half of the sales to benefit your cause, mission, organization, or business.  When doing a Love Project, you send all of the proceeds to support the families.

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do a Fundraiser 

50% for your cause, 50% for ours

Raise funds for your organization, cause, or mission, through Threads of Hope. Tell us your mission and select your products. We consign the product to you. Your only upfront investment is to cover the cost of shipping. You submit half of the proceeds to Threads of Hope at least every two months. When you're done selling, we pay for the return shipping of all of our unsold products and give you credit for each piece returned. When we process your returns and apply your final payment, your balance should be zero and your project is complete!


Give 100% of the proceeds

A Love Project works just like a Fundraiser, except ALL proceeds get returned to Threads of Hope. You will pay a small shipping charge that is refundable at the end of your Love Project. We cover return shipping, so there is ultimately no shipping cost to you.

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 Bulk Order

Order a lot

Get the best price on each item by buying in bulk. Check our prices and choose your products. You'll pay a small shipping charge, which will be refunded with an order over $200. We'll ship you your product and send you an invoice. You'll have 30 days to pay your balance.

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Single Order

Order just a few

Visit our shop to purchase products for yourself, your friends, or your group!  

This is also a great way to check out the products before starting any fundraising or making a bulk purchase.

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Share the good news

Learn about our Gospel and Believe bracelets, and how you can use them to teach and affirm others about Christ's love. 

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