Raising Funds through Projects (Fundraisers and Love Projects)

What product information do I need to help me calculate quantities received and to re-bundle at the end of my project?

Note: The bundle size for Custom, Gospel and Believe round bracelets changed in May of 2019. Please re-bundle them into 50 piece bundles to help our volunteers. Random Round bundles did NOT change. They are still 100 pieces.

Bundle sizes

Random Round=100 pieces

Custom Round, Gospel, Believe Bracelets=50 pieces

Flat, Flat with Bead, Wide Flat, Lanyards, Single Strand Necklaces, Eyewear Cords=50 pieces

Braided Necklaces, Braided Bracelets=25 pieces

Key Chains, Bookmarks with Double Fringe, Bookmarks with Loop=10 pieces

Camera Straps, Narrow Head/Hatband, Narrow Head/Hatband with Bead, Wide Head/Hat Band=5 pieces

Be aware of the bead:  

Our beaded products also have an almost identical version with no bead.  Each version has a unique item code on your invoice and should be counted and bundled separately.